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Terms & Conditions

Reservation Policy

The Lead guest responsible for making the booking MUST ensure Boutique Country House Terms & Conditions is SHARED with ALL MEMBERS of their booking party prior to making a deposit and prior to arrival.


When making a booking and paying a deposit for yourself and/or on behalf of all members of your booking party, you are confirming that you have sent all members of your booking party notification of the hot tub rules and regulations / health and safety terms and conditions and that each party member is willing to adhere to ALL the Terms and Conditions as set out by Boutique Country House. 



FOR HEALTH & SAFETY REASONS GUESTS MUST NOT use the hot tub whilst intoxicated to the point where your physical and mental control is markedly diminished or under the influence of drugs or taking sedatives that may also impair your physical and mental control.


Using or after using alcohol, narcotics or other drugs may cause sleepiness, drowsiness, or raise/lower blood pressure. The heat of the hot tub water speeds up the effects of alcohol and the ultimate danger of combined alcohol consumption and hot water soaking is drowning due to loss of consciousness, heart attack or injury due to passing out and falling. With any drug or medication, consult with your doctor about potential harmful effects from combined use of the drug and hot water soaking PRIOR to arrival and/or BEFORE using the hot tub.


Boutique Country House will not be held responsible for any physical injury, medical injury or fatal injury you may incur as a result of not adhering to the ALCOHOL/DRUGS HOT TUB RULES AND REGULATIONS POLICY. Please note that you may be asked to leave the premises and no refund will be given if your alcohol consumption becomes a physical threat to yourself, to others or the personal effects of Boutique Country House. 


Any person/s suffering from diseases of the heart and/or circulation, high or low blood pressure, skin conditions, are immunosuppressed, diabetic, subject to fits or taking medications affecting the cardiovascular or nervous systems, Pregnant or any other condition or medical condition not listed on this form, MUST seek advice from your medical practitioner PRIOR to arrival and/or BEFORE using the hot tub.

During pregnancy, soaking in the hot tub may cause damage to the foetus so contact your doctor for advice before using the hot tub.


Boutique Country House will not be held responsible for any physical injury, medical injury or fatal injury you may incur due to using the hot tub without adhering to the Health and Safety Terms and Conditions or obtaining the appropriate medical advice prior to using the hot tub. Users of the hot tub do so at their own risk.

Guests are advised to wait for 30 minutes after eating a heavy meal before re-entering the hot tub.

The Hot Tub will be in use from 3pm to 12 midnight. For health and safety reasons, guests must vacate the hot tub and the lid securely placed thereafter. 

MORE than 1 person should always be in the hot tub at any time - no lone bathing at anytime. 

No more that 5 people should use the hot tub at any one time.

Users must exit the hot tub every 15 minutes. This is because it takes a while for your body to acclimate to the heat generated by a hot tub, as you can absorb a lot of heat during that time. When you soak in a hot tub for longer than 15 minutes, you risk dehydration, exhaustion, electrolyte imbalances, and even distress to your cardiovascular system


​People with skin, ear, genital or other body infections, open sores, or wounds should not use the hot tub because of the possibility of spreading infection or irritating the condition. 

Do not enter the hot tub if you have a wound or broken skin. Do not Shave or apply abrasive materials before entering the hot tub. Soaking broken skin or open wounds in water may slow the healing process and/or increase the risk of infection. Users of the hot tub do so at their own risk. Boutique Country House will not take responsibility for guests who do not adhere to these safety rules.  

Exit the hot tub and inform Boutique Country House immediately if the water in the hot tub is compromised ie becomes cloudy or has been spilled out

​You MUST shower with soap and water before and after using the hot tub. Showering before use washes away many of the common skin bacteria and removes lotions, deodorants, creams etc. which reduce the effectiveness of the spa sanitiser which disinfects the water. Wear suitable footwear to walk to and from the hot tub and brush off any debris from your feet before entering the hot tub.​

​Avoid entering the hot tub water immediately after exercising as the water temperature can affect the heart rate.


​If you use the hot tub at night, turn on the lighting around the facility.


​Please refrain from running, jumping or dancing on the decking or area around the hot tub, as injuries may occur from slips and falls. 


​The hot tub will not be in use during lightning or rainstorms because of the possibility of electrocution from the lightning hitting the water.


​Take care when entering and exiting the hot tub. Take it slowly and cautiously. Be careful of your footing and allow your body to gradually get used to the water temperature. Exit slowly because your leg muscles may be sufficiently relaxed and make you a bit unsteady, and you may become lightheaded.


​Soaking too long makes some people nauseous, dizzy, lightheaded, or faint. Do not soak for more than 15 minutes at one sitting in 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40°C) water as extending this time can affect your inner organs and cause fever-like conditions. If you wish to soak for a longer period of time in high temperatures, leave the spa or hot tub after 15 minutes, shower, cool down and then return for another brief stay. In lower temperatures (e.g. 36-37°C or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit – normal body temperature), most people can comfortably and safely soak for longer periods at one sitting. If you have any questions about what’s right for you and your family, consult with your doctor.


​Do not immerse your head in the hot tub water. This increases the risk of infection and can heighten the dangers of drowning due to suction below the water line. Do not allow water to enter your mouth as this can cause infections and illness.


​Take care on the decking/hot tub steps as when wet they can become slippery. 


​If any allergic reaction occurs whilst you are in the hot tub, leave the hot tub immediately and rinse off in the shower. If the reaction persists, go to a local doctor or A&E immediately.


​Do not try to adjust or touch equipment such as pumps, heaters, or electrical appliances while you are in the hot tub, or while standing in water, unless designed as such and recommended by the manufacturer.


Do not turn the hot tub isolation switch off as the hot tub’s power needs to be turned on to carry out the cleaning cycle. If you have an emergency situation, it is advised to turn off the isolation switch as a matter of urgency and inform Boutique Country House immediately​

​If the hot tub needs to be shut down and emptied due to misuse, this will incur a charge of £100.


​If any fault or damage occurs to the hot tub, please contact the owner immediately.​

Never use glass near/in the hot tub as broken glass is invisible in water and extremely difficult to remove from the support system. Plastic glasses have been provided for you.

Never use the tub if any of the grate outlets are missing or broken to avoid body entrapment.


​Do not allow anyone of any age in your group to soak without a ‘spotter’ nearby. Please note Boutique Country House do not provide a lifeguard or spotter service. It is your responsibility go ensure your own safety when using the hot tub. ​


​Please be aware of any person’s condition or abilities. If you are unsure prohibit them from using the hot tub. 

Please note - Boutique Country House do not provide a lifeguard or spotter facility. For your own safety, please adhere to ALL of the health and safety terms and conditions.


  1. Children must be aged 5 years or older to use the hot tub facility. Children age 13 years and older are classified as a adult.

  2. Boutique Country House do not provide a lifeguard or spotter service. Parents/ carers are responsible for supervising their own children   at all times when using hot tub. Never allow children to use the hot tub unsupervised.

  3. For health and safety reasons and for the comfort of other guests, adults must ensure children are supervised at all times both in bedrooms and surrounding areas of the property.  Please ensure children do not use the beds as trampolines. 

  4. Only children aged 5 years and older are allowed in hot tubs. Soaking time for children should be limited to 10 minutes to allow children's body temperature to regulate. Never leave children unattended whilst in a hot tub.

  5. For health and safety reasons and to avoid potential of drowning, parents/Carers are advised to ensure their children wear appropriate floatation equipment at all times when in the hot tub. Please note Boutique Country House do not provide floatation equipment. Parents/Carers are advised to purchase floatation equipment before arrival to Boutique Country House.

  6. Parents/carers must ensure the hot tub lid is placed over the hot tub and the hot tub cover clips are fastened together when not in use.

  7. Do not allow children to jump, crawl or sit on the hot tub lid. 

  8. Children cannot under any circumstances dive or jump into the hot tub. Please explain to your children that they cannot under any circumstances dive or jump into the hot tub. While a spa or hot tub may seem large and deep to a child, it is not designed for jumping, diving or underwater swimming.

  9. Always completely remove the cover before using the hot tub. Drain any standing water from the surface of the hot tub cover. Even a small amount of water may be sufficient for an infant or small child to drown. These are not safety covers and no one should walk or crawl on them.

  10. Do not permit playful screaming for help (false alarms), which might mask a real emergency.

  11. Never consider young children water-safe despite their swimming skills, previous instruction, or experience.

  12. All damage must be paid for.


1. A head count will be made of all guests entering the property to establish numbers onsite. Please inform us if anyone leaves the property.

2. Strictly no smoking in the log cabins, hot tub or rooms in the bed and breakfast

3. Strictly no lighting candles in the log cabins or anywhere on the property

4. Ashtrays have been provided outside for your convenience

2. Fire extinguishers are placed around the property. Guests must only use this equipment if competent to do so when tackling small fires or assist in evacuation from the property.

3. Actions in the event of a fire - Guests must evacuate the property and go to the assembly area at the main entrance to the property. 

4. Guests must call the emergency services by calling 999 or 192 and give the address of Boutique Country House as:-

5c Ballyquillan Road, Aldergrove, Crumlin, BT29 4DD

5. Guests must stay out until the all clear has been given by the emergency services.




​Do not use any electrical appliances near/in the hot tub. Electrocution from appliances and telephones in contact with water is a real danger.




STRICTLY NO SMOKING IN THE HOT TUB, CABIN or in the B&B - You must not throw cigarette butts onto the ground or surrounding areas of Boutique Country House. Ashtrays have been provided for you at a dedicated area.​




Bins have been provided for you whilst using the facilities. To discourage vermin visiting the property, Boutique Country House will remove ALL food material sitting inside the dining and surrounding outside areas of the property before 11.30am. If you wish to keep any food, please bring it inside or let us know beforehand so we can store it for you inside. 





Guest who do not wish to comply with the music/noise policy will be asked to leave the premises and no refund will be given.

Guests are welcome to play soft music whilst using the outside facilities. No music is permitted from 10pm.


  1. Guests will be required to pay a non refundable deposit fee at the time of booking. ​

  2. If the booking is cancelled less than 7 days before arrival then a charge equal to the full booking amount will be made.

  3. Guests can request to reschedule their booking up to 7 days before arrival to an alternative date (within a 3 month period) if there is availability, by contacting Boutique Country House B&B directly. 

  4. In the event of a no show after arrival date the full cost of the booking is charged.

  5. In the event of a pandemic, unexpected or unpredictable event that may result in you having to postpone or cancel your stay with us, Boutique Country House B&B will Provide you with an alternative date that is suitable for you subject to availability or Issue you with a credit note to be used at Boutique Country House B&B within a 6 month period of first date of issue.​



  1. Guests may check in from 3:00pm when booking Hot Tub Experience 

  2. All Guests must check out before 11:00am 

  3. Guests must sign in and agree to adhere to Boutique Country House Terms and Conditions

  4. Guests waiting on transport but must vacate their room by 11:00am and are welcome to wait in another area of the property.

  5. Prior to arrival guest's must inform Boutique Country House B&B of approximate time of arrival

  6. Proof of booking payment and ID e.g passport or driving license may be required.


Guests will be required to pay a non refundable deposit and the remaining balance on the day of arrival. Boutique Country House will accept payment via freetobook, Cash, Bank Transfer or PayPal.



  1. Wireless internet is available throughout the property and is free of charge.

  2. Guests must accept to use this access to the internet fairly and appropriately

  3. The internet access is intended for general use such as access to the world wide web, email, messaging, light video/ music/media/streaming. It is not intended and is not ideally suited for heavy media streaming, online gambling, extensive downloads/uploads. Access to illegal activity is not prohibited and will be reported to local authorities.



  1. Free off road parking is available on site for guests of Boutique Country House B&B.

  2. Boutique Country House B&B will not accept responsibility for any damages, accidents, thefts or losses you may incur whilst using the car parking facilities at Boutique Country House. Users of the car park can do so at their own risk.

  3. Users must ensure vehicle is locked when not in use.


  1. Guests will be provided with a key to their room. It is your responsibility to lock your room door to ensure your belongings are kept safe.

  2. Please ensure the key is left in the door on your departure. Missing keys will incur a £10 fee.

  3. Windows must be closed & valuables/ items concealed when not in room.

  4. Guests are advised to ensure bedroom windows are closed at night time to avoid break-ins.

  5. Guests are advised to conceal all valuables from view of windows when leaving their room.



  1. The lead guest will be held responsible for any loss or damage to Boutique Country House B&B caused by themselves, their friends or any person for whom they are responsible.

  2. Boutique Country House B&B management is not responsible for your personal belongings and valuables e.g money, jewellery or other valuables left by guests in the rooms.



1. Guide dogs are allowed.

2. Guests must ask Boutique Country House for permission to bring a dog or any other animal onsite when making their booking.

3. We will do our best to accommodate small dogs who are house trained. However, due to the open plan layout of the cabin, it may not be possible to cater for dogs who will jump on to the beds. Dogs must be kept on their own bed on the floor at all times.

We have fake grass around the retreat area, so we ask that dogs owners frequently take their pets out of the retreat and into the front garden as then cannot go to the toilet inside the retreat. Guests must clean up any mess their pets may make.

4. Unfortunately any pet in season, is strictly prohibited

5. Only 1 pet is allowed

6. Cost for a pet is £15


Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash and are non refundable. Boutique Country House will make every effort to provide you with a date of your choice depending on availability. Vouchers must be used within 6 months of purchase.


You must be at least 18 years old to book a room at Boutique Country House B&B.​

  1. Breakfast is served at approximately 09.30am

  2. Strictly no drinking parties in the bedrooms!

  3. Boutique Country House B&B management reserve the right, at its discretion, to terminate, without notice, an individual's stay where deemed necessary through inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour or as a result of actions which are deemed as a criminal act or likely to endanger or offend others ie non compliance of our non smoking policy ie no smoking inside the property, hot tub cabin or the hot tub. Excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking or consuming drugs in or around the property, excessive noise or riotous behaviour may result in your stay being terminated. In such circumstances any outstanding account must be settled, no refunds will be made.


  5. Guests must comply with the health and safety rules when using the hot tub and facilities at Boutique Country House B&B.


  7. STRICTLY NO FAKE TAN, NO MAKE UP, NO SUN TAN LOTIONS, NO PERFUMES, NO CREAMS OR OILS TO BE WORN IN THE HOT TUB - It is not nice for other guests to have to bathe in these products.

  8. Guests  MUST shower to remove the oil from their skin before entering the hot tub again as these products will destroy the filters and it is not nice for other people to have to bathe in these products

  9. Dinner is brought to you in the form of a Chinese or Sharing Pizza at approx 7pm

  10. Breakfast is cooked for you next morning at approx 09.30am

  11. A bottle of Complimentary Bubbly will be presented to you on arrival

  12. Please bring extra towels for you comfort.

  13. Please bring appropriate footwear to protect your feet when using the hot tub. Please ensure they have a non slippery sole. 

Please Note - ALL Users must sign on arrival the RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT for HOT TUB USE - Failure to sign means you cannot use the facilities.




IN CONSIDERATION OF the risk of injury that exists while SOAKING IN the HOT TUB (hereinafter the “Activity”); and


IN CONSIDERATION OF my desire to participate in said Activity and being given the right to participate in same;


I HEREBY, for myself, personal representatives, executors, administrators, assigns, guests, children, heirs, and next of kin, (hereinafter collectively, “Releasor,” “I” or “me”, which terms shall also include Releasor’s parents or guardian if Releasor is under 18 years of age), knowingly and voluntarily enter into this WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY and hereby waive any and all rights, claims or causes of action of any kind arising out of my participation in the Activity; and


I HEREBY release and forever discharge Boutique Country House, Caroline Newell & Maurice Newell - , located at 5C Ballyquillan Road, Aldergrove, Co.Antrim, BT29 4DD, (hereinafter “Boutique Country House”) their affiliates, managers, members, agents, attorneys, staff, volunteers, heirs, representatives, predecessors, successors and assigns (collectively “Releasees”), from any physical or psychological injury that I may suffer as a result, direct or indirect, of my participation in the Activity.


I HEREBY acknowledge that upon entering the hot tub area, I will continuously thereafter, thoroughly inspect such area. My continued presence constitutes an acknowledgment that I have inspected this area and find and accept such areas as being safe and reasonably suited for the purposes of the Activity. I further agree and warrant that if, at any time, I feel or think anything to be unsafe, I and all guests will immediately leave the area and advise Boutique Country House.


I am voluntarily participating in the Activity and I am participating entirely at my own risk. I am aware of the associated HOT TUB RISKS which may include but are not limited to drowning, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, communicable diseases, fungal diseases, Pseudomonas Dermatitis, or folliculitis, commonly known as hot tub rash skin/ear/bladder/lung or other infections, chemical burns or irritations, physical/psychological injury, pain, suffering, illness, disfigurement, disability, economic or emotional loss, paralysis or death.  I understand that these injuries or outcomes may arise from my own or others’ negligence, including that of Boutique Country House, or from the conditions at the Activity location.  Nonetheless, I assume all related risks, both known and unknown to me, of my participation in this activity. Some of the known risks and precautions are noted below and I have read and understand these:                                               

  • Pregnant women, children under 5 and those with heart disease ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THIS HOT TUB.

  • If you are taking medication of any kind, or being treated for diabetes, low or high blood pressure, strokes, epilepsy, weakened immune system or other conditions, or are a frail elderly person, consult your physician prior to use of the hot tub.

  • It is advised to limit your soak in the hot tub to no more than 15 minutes at a time. If you overheat and faint, you can drown.

  • Shower when you get out to rinse off the hot tub chemicals.                                                            

  • Keep your head, arms and upper chest out of the water to avoid overheating. Get out if you feel dizzy, overheated, nauseous, or unwell.

  • Stay hydrated before getting into the hot tub.                                                                                          

  • The hot tub will be checked twice during your stay, once prior to you entering the hot tub, using a chemical strip to be sure the pH and chlorine levels are at the recommended levels. If not, or if the water looks murky or slimy, don’t get in. Alert us.

  • Check the temperature. Do not get in if over 40 degrees Celsius.

  • Users must not be intoxicated. DO NOT USE DRUGS before or during hot tub use.                                          

  • Please KEEP the hot tub CLEAN and CLEAR: Shower before you get in to get off most particles, oils, cosmetics and hair and skin products. No glass containers in or around the hot tub. Do not eat, or drink, or use soap and shampoo while INSIDE the hot tub. Do not urinate or spit into tub. And please, no “adult activity” while inside the hot tub.

  • Don’t get in tub if you have open sores or wounds, or cuts, or diarrhoea.

  • Close the lid when you are finished.

  • Do Not sit, lay or stand on the hot tub cover – it will collapse into the hot tub.

  • Be careful when getting out so you don’t slip and fall.

  • Hot tub is only in use from 15:00 until 00:00 – it must not be used after this.


I FURTHER AGREE to INDEMNIFY, DEFEND AND HOLD HARMLESS the releasees against any and all claims, suits or actions of any kind whatsoever for liability, damages, compensation or otherwise brought by me or anyone on my behalf, including attorney’s fees and any related costs.


I FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGE that Releasees are not responsible for errors, omissions, acts or failures to act of any party or entity involving this Activity on behalf of the Releasees.  In the event that I should require medical care or treatment, I authorize Boutique Country House to provide all emergency medical care deemed necessary, including, but not limited to, first aid, CPR, use of an AED, emergency transport, and sharing of medical information with emergency personnel.


I hereby acknowledge that I have carefully read this “waiver and release” and fully understand that it is a release of liability. I expressly agree to release and discharge Boutique Country House and their Releasees from any and all claims or causes of action and I agree to voluntarily give up or waive any right that I otherwise have to bring a legal action against Boutique Country House for personal injury or property damage. To the extent that statute or case laws does not prohibit releases for ordinary negligence, this release is also for such negligence on the part of Boutique Country House and Releasees.


I agree that this Release shall be governed for all purposes by Northern Ireland and UK law, without regard to any conflict of law principles. This Release supersedes any and all previous oral or written promises or other agreements. This waiver and release of liability shall remain in effect for the duration of my participation in the Activity, during this initial and all subsequent events of participation.


In the event that any damage to equipment or facilities occurs as a result of my or my family’s, guests, or agents willful actions, neglect or recklessness, I acknowledge and agree to be held liable for any and all costs associated with any such actions of neglect or recklessness.


In the event that any provision contained within this Release shall be deemed to be severable or invalid, or if any term, condition, phrase or portion of this agreement shall be determined to be unlawful or otherwise unenforceable, the remainder of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

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