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  • Cancellation Policy
    A non refundable deposit of 25% is requested at the time of booking. Guests who wish to cancel and who have paid in full, will be reimbursed 75% of their total booking. Guests can also reschedule to another date subject to availability.
  • Rules of the site
    - Guests agree to the reservation policy as outlined at the time of booking - Unsociable behaviour is not tolerated otherwise you will be asked to leave and no refund will be provided - Excess drinking will not be tolerated as it increases the risk to your safety and others - Noise must be kept to a minimum after 11.30pm - Please respect the property at Boutique Country House. All breakages must be paid for - No smoking or burning candles in the hot tub cabin - For health and safety reasons, the Hot Tub will not be in use after 10pm
  • What time is checkin/checkout
    Checkin is from 3pm and checkout is before 10.30pm
  • Can I bring Alcohol
    Yes but you MUST drink responsibility and adhere to health and safety rules
  • Is breakfast provided
    Yes there is a complimentary breakfast provided at 9am consisting of a cooked English fry with tea/coffee or a crossiant with bacon and cheese.
  • Can I bring chidren
    Yes you can bring children but they must be12 years or older to enter the hot tub
  • Can I bring pets
    Pets are not allowed
  • What does dinner consist of
    You can choose between a chinese takeaway (1 main per person) or a sharing pizza which can be half and half)
  • Danger of drinking alcohol in a hot tub
    It is a very good idea to bring a bottle of water as you can very quickly become dehydrated in a hot tub. Add in the effects of drinking alcohol and this will vastly increase the liklihood of becoming dehydrated and drunk as the alcohol will be absored into your bloodstream faster and pumped around the body at a higher rate. Consequently this can lead to a very dangerous and unpredicatble situation!
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