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Family Hot Tub Experience

Fabulous Family Hot Tub Experience to Include:-
(Children must be 5 years and older to use the facilities)
*Private Hot Tub
*Overnight Accommodation
*Dinner brought to you - children's menu available OR BBQ your own when you book the Caribbean Hot Tub Experience

*Cooked breakfast
*Board games
*WiFi facility
To book this package please contact us directly on 07737690635
**1 Adult and 1 child from 5 years to 15 years old - £265**   
**2 Adults and 1 child from 5 years to 15 years old - £280**   
**2 Adults and 2 children from 5 years to 15 years old - £295**
**2 Adults and 3 children from 5 years to 15 years old - £310**
Includes dinner brought to you and cooked breakfast next morning. 
Children 5 - 15 years old must choose from the children's menu.
Alternatively you can book The Carribean Hot Tub Experience to include Hobbit style BBQ hut and BBQ your own!

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Parents/carers are advised that the hot tubs are not suitable for children under the age of 5 years old. Never allow children to use the hot tub unsupervised and when not in use, make sure the cover is on and secured. Children enjoy playing in water and may not understand the risk involved. Discretion is advised in allowing children to use spas and hot tubs at all, since their young bodies may not adjust well to the high temperatures. If in doubt, check with your doctor before allowing children to use the facility. Please note soaking time should be limited to 10 minutes at any one time to allow children's body temperature to regulate. Please ensure young children are wearing appropriate floatation equipment at all times when in the hot tub! Boutique Country House do not provide floatation equipment. To avoid potential risk of drowning, parents/carers are advised to purchase floatation equipment for their children before arrival.  Please note Boutique Country House do not provide a lifeguard or spotter service.  Do not allow children to jump, crawl or sit on the hot tub lid.
Warn children not to allow water into their mouths as this can cause infection and illness.  Please explain to your children that they cannot under any circumstances dive or jump into the hot tub. While a spa or hot tub may seem large and deep to a child, it is not designed for jumping, diving or underwater swimming. 

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