Hot Tub Rules

No unauthorised use. All guests must be given an induction before using the hot tub.

Hot tub will not be available for use after 12am

  • Users must shower before entering the Hot Tub.

  • Strictly NO fake tan.

  • Footwear must be worn to the side of the Hot Tub.

  • Robes will be included with the Hot Tub Experience.

  • Enter and exit the Hot Tub slowly – surface/steps become slippery.

  • Max of 5 persons in the Hot Tub at any time.

  • If temperature is over 40 degrees Celsius DO NOT enter.

  • No jumping or diving.

  • Recommended time of 15 mins per session, cool off before re-entering.

  • No children under the age of 12 allowed in the Hot Tub.

  • All children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

  • Plastic glasses only - STRICTLY NO glass, cans or metal items in or around the Hot Tub area.

  • For health and safety reasons Guests must not be intoxicated while using the hot tub. Boutique Country House do not accept responsibility for guests who harm or injure themselves due to excessive consumption of alcohol while in the hot tub or surrounding areas of the property.  

  • No smoking in or around the Hot Tub.

  • Do not use soaps or oils in the Hot Tub.

  • Please replace Hot Tub cover when not in use.

  • Please ensure after use that jets and lights are off and the lid is down and catches are in place.

  • The Hot Tub may be unavailable at certain times due to maintenance procedures.

  • Use of the Hot Tub may be refused, and we reserve the right to apply this for health and safety reasons.

Health Warning
Pregnant women, elderly and people suffering from ill health should consult with their doctor before use.

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